March 2017

Stopover in Bridgetown, Barbados

We only had a 2-days stopover in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, but we lived in the center of town and got to see a lot of daily life. Reaching the airbnb we booked in advance was easy with public transport. There is a bus station directly in front of the airport (walk across the car park). The bus is 2 Barbados Dollars and took about 45 min. to town. We had to walk another 10 to 15 minutes to reach our airbnb (we stayed with Zaid – a nice guy and a pretty basic stay; fine for the 2 days), but people are really friendly and helpful. We left our things at the apartment and went for some dinner and the supermarket, directly around the corner.

A little note: People, are friendly and helpful – in general – but they don´t look like it. So beware that no one will please you with a smile, if the don´t have to or want to!

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-maximum Chill-

We spent one week in St. Lucia. Coming from another island state in the Caribbean Sea, we were wondering how people, life and atmosphere are on this island.
We arrived at the airport in the capital, Castries. But we didn’t see the city, because we had a guy from our guesthouse in Soufriere, who picked us up (for 65 US Dollars, together). There was also the possibility to take the public bus (8 EC Dollars, per person), but Anna was sick and we decided to not make the hassle – that’s really not like us!
After one hour of driving way too fast up and down the hills of St. Lucia, we arrived in the small town of Soufriere. The town has a sea front and is located between some mountains, that are all old volcano´s.

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Trinidad is nice but Tobago is Paradise!
That’s´ what everyone says… and we think it is true. We rented an apartment in a little village called Black Rock. The beach here is called Stone Haven Bay and a really beautiful place. Our apartment was at one end of the beach and had a direct entrance to the beach. Beside a dive shop, a bar, and some cottages, there is not much around. If you just want to spend your days on the beach and relax, you can get here with a taxi. But if you want to get around, e.g. go to the food market and check out the island with its many other beautiful beaches, it’s a good idea to rent a car. At least, that’s what we did.


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Arriving in Trinidad at the evening of Panorama – which is one the pre-events of the Trinidad carnival and the big final competition of all the steel pan bands – we had to take a Taxi into town, because weekends and holidays there is no public bus or other options. The taxi drove us to a friends house in St. James where we stayed. Our friend is a real Rasta and has lots of Rasta friends in his community. As soon as we got there, everyone was already waiting for us, we went to Savannah to see the competition. In other words our introduction to Trinidad was full in and a jump into cold water, but it was amazing!

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