April 2017

Our first stop after Havana was Cienfuegos. We took a Viazul Bus to get there, which cost us 20 CUC/ person and took 5 hours. To book a ticket you have to take a taxi to the Plaza Nueva in Vedado, that´s where the terminal is and where the tickets are sold. Once upon a time you where able to just go to the bus station and take the next bus that´s leaving in the right direction – nowadays you have to book 1-3 days in advance. The earlier the better! Even for reservations you have to go to the bus station, the Viazul Homepage is not working, and crashes down regularly.

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First Impression

This country is difficult to describe, but arriving here is nice. The officers that check your passport actually look at you, say your name and welcome you into Cuba! We haven’t had such a wonderful welcome, for a long time. Getting into Cuba was easy – we had the travel card/ visa, that allows you to stay in the country for 30 days. We got it in Germany, filled it in ourselves and that was it! No one asked for a flight out of the country or anything else. Before we booked the flights we read a lot about entering Cuba, especially from the U.S., because it is new that you can enter Cuba from the USA without a special visa (we were not able to find good information about it). So, we were a little scared something might go wrong. But it was easy and uncomplicated.

Getting our luggage in Havana was an adventure, though. We stood in the middle of trolleys and people, carrying masses of electronics and others things in huge bags into Cuba. Very posh must be large flat screen TVs! We waited for ages (it took at least one and a half hours) to get our luggage – no one was complaining.

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