Who´s traveling?

Anna & Ingo

Both 30 years old

Ingo: Musician (Jazz saxophone)

Anna: almost  PhD in Sociology



I (Ingo) ´m creating this Blog and writing most of the posts. This Blog is startet in February 2017 and it´ll be growing in the next few month. I´ll be writing some content about my past trips and general ideas about traveling. One focus will be on traveling as a musician, and experiences with music on my trips. I may also post a comment about music in general or a CD I´ve listened to… We´ll see…

I´m German and learned more Latin than English at School. This blog will be in English anyway for my english friends and because I don´t want to withhold the content to English speaking travelers.

We both started diving in Malaysia and kept diving as a hobby. So as soon as we travel close to water we try to involve diving. That means dving will also be a big part of my descriptions.


What is this Blog about?

I´m traveling in two ways:

  1. As a traveler: Every 2-3 years I´ve done a longer trip. I´m a Backpacker, not a Flashpacker. For me there is a difference between holiday and traveling. Most of the time I want to travel, meet people, learn about the culture. I´m always on a tight budget and take the local bus, if possible. I avoid Taxis, and often end up walking with overweighted backpack in 40 C° for 2 hours to find the Hostel/Hotel/Guesthouse of my choosing.
  2. As a musician: I´m traveling with different Bands in Europe, so far. Traveling with a Band means, you stay in a town without really knowing where you are and whats around. Most of the time we arrive at a new place in the late afternoon, play a gig in the evening and leave the city after “breakfast” next “morning”. I´m trying to see some stuff anyway and I´ll write down some of my experience here.

Since my first trip I´ve always enjoyed reading travelblogs and after my frist trip I planed to make my own blog. And here it is! I´m not a travel-normad (living from the blog/journeys). This is not professional and doesn´t want to be perfect. It is simple and giving the necessary informations.



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