Our most eastern destination in Indonesia

The island of Alor is the most eastern of all the Islends of the Nusa Tengara archipelago and is one of the islands in Indonesia that do not see too many tourists. We spend a little more than a week here, mostly diving and enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of this place – above and under water!

We arrived in Alor by public ferry from Lewoleba. After 15 hours on the ferry with just a little bit of sleep we were quite exhausted. Our destination in Alor was the little Kepa Island right in front of Alor Kecil. To get there we walked about 10 min from the ferry terminal to town and got into a Bemo. The blue Bemos bring you from Kalabahi to Alor Kecil for 5.000 IDR/person in about 30 min. Of cause the two blonds were, yet again, THE happening in the tiny bus. So, there we were, squeezed in a very small Bemo with 7 older women and 3 kids=Happening!…Once arrived in Alor Kecil the fisherman bring you to Kepa island for 20.000 IDR/person, which is quite a lot but that’s the agreement with the government and not for bargaining 🙁
We stayed almost a week in Le petit Kepa, which is a French owned and run bungalow resort. It is a very, very beautiful place to be!

They have 3 different kinds of bungalows: traditional huts with shared bathrooms, normal small bungalows with private bath and a “luxury” bigger bamboo house. We stayed in the traditional house, which has 2 “floors” and paid 275.000 IDR/per Person per night – including all food. Downstairs is the hammock area – a place to relax – and upstairs is a bed with mosquito net and a little table. We expected it to be very warm upstairs but the Alor people, who developed these huts over decades, did a very good job. Right under the roof there was a continuous air circulation. So even if it was a hot day the cooler evening sea breeze cooled the hut down pretty fast. The simple bungalows and the traditional huts have shared showers, which is just “Mandi”, means you use buckets to shower and flush the toilet.
The food in La petit Kepa was traditional Indonesian, all fresh cocked and very tasty! A lot of fish, tempe, tofu, vegetables and rice. All guests (of cause mostly French, but also others from all over the world) in the resort eat on one big table, which is very nice. It’s a lot easier to meet the other people and to share experiences and travel stories.

We highly recommend to stay and dive in La petit Kepa, but make sure you make your reservation some time in advance. They are fully booked most of the time, because people keep coming back here – everyone loves the place.

In case it’s booked, there is another place to stay close by. It’s 5 bungalows and 750.000 IDR per Night including meals. They work together with a just recently opened dive shop in Alor Kecil, just 2 boat minutes from the bungalows. We heard good things about the shop, a local dive guide and a speedboat.

You can contact for diving or the bungalows: Willy 0062 812 2038788 or freewilly(at)


After we left Kepa we stayed two nights in Kalabahi, which is a little fishing “town”. There is a big fishmarket in town.We stayed Chantik Homestay 250.000 per night. It´s nice place, very friendly people and very good food! They serve dinner for 25.000 per Person, we had grilled fish and fishcurry and it was really really good and cheap.

Karneval again?!

While we were staying in Kalabahi there was a expo and karneval, where all the villages and counties of Alor presented there lives and products. It was very interessting to see and walk around the festival! Itwas a big happening and we had the feeling that everybody habitant of the Island was there on the opening ceremony!

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