Caleta Buena

Caleta Buena

Caleta Buena is a small bay at the seaside (south of Playa Giron) and not in the Bay of pigs anymore. It´s a natural pool, like a lagoon and also a private beach. You have to take the bus that leaves in front of the Hotel in Playa Giron at 9.30. Being a private beach means you have to pay 15 CUC entrance fee to use it, including lunch buffet, all drinks, beach chairs, shadow places – like and all-inclusive hotel without the hotel. If you want to go to the dive center, you also have to pay the entrance fee and the dives are not included – they are 35 CUC per dive. (If u have your own equipment its 25 CUC)
The dive spot is amazing! We did two days diving here, because we enjoyed it so much. Especially the “Cenote dive” (Cenote is a freshwaterpool at the seaside, with is connected to the sea with a tunnelsystem) something to recommend. We started the dive in the Open sea in front of the lagoon and swam through the lagoon through a short tunnel into the Cenote and back to the dive school We saw many fish, schools of fish, a seahorse (!), beautiful landscapes. It’s a very special experience to dive from salt- into freshwater.


– The diveshop is inside the all inclusive area, so you have to pay to get there
– 2 Dives a day, 9:30 am and 11:30 or if u ask for it there might also be a later dive possible, depending on the wind situation the visibility gets worse as later it gets
– Equipment is OK, wetsuites are old
– They reduce prices if u dive with your own equipment!
– Very nice stuff! Not many divers, very calm and easy!


1st dive 35 CUC (plus 15 CUC entrance fee pP)
25 with your own equipment


This was the 2nd best dive in Cuba for us. We saw some nice stuff! Baby Drumfish, Scorpionfish, Seahorse, pipe Seahorse, big groupers, giant barracuda, jamaika stingray, some schools of fish. But like often in Cuba very nice Corals, a lot of different kinds and colors! There are some Wrecks around to dive around or inside.

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