Du… What?

In our one diving free day, we made a half day trip to see a Dugong. We heard about this already on the ferry where the other tourists asked us if we will go to see the dugong. Papa Oneh is a fisherman living in Kalabahi, close to the airport. One of his friends is a male big real swimming Dugong! When you arrive at his place you either have to drive yourself or get an Ojek around the airport to get to the beach and his boat. From the beach – just a 5 minutes boat ride – Papa Oneh starts calling the Dugong and after a couple of minutes he shows up!!!!

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First a hazzle and then the most quiet beaches

The city of Maumere itself is nothing special and can be described as a “normal”, but nice Indonesian town. We were able to buy a lot of supplies here. What is actually far more impressive is the beaches east of Maumere, which are really beautiful and remote. You can find a few cute cottage places, which are basic but clean and really quiet! We met a few people that got stuck here, because they liked it so much! We went diving here and relaxed for a few days at the beach…

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Let´s go for the current!

What does being on a dive boat mean? It means, you get to spend as much time in and on the water as possible, and that is simply amazing!

Diving in the Komodo National Park is awesome. Because there are some really strong currents, it is not so easy to dive this area, but for everyone who is a little advanced, we recommend the diving without hesitation. It is still one of the few places where you can see a mostly healthy, colorful and beautiful coral, plus a huge amount of fish!

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