Nusa Lembongan

Diving in Nusa Lembongan

We decided to dive with the “Dive Concept” diveshop in Jungut Batu. The vibe is good, though mainly french speaking and not liking to speak english. 😉

They do dive tours, staying on the boat between the dives. Then they offer hot tea and cake. For our second day we did three dives and also ordered lunch on the boat.

The equipment was partly new and partly old, but all ok. We didn’t get a discount for bringing our own stuff though.

Dive sites:

Manta Point

Like for many other divers it always was a dream to see the Manta Rays once. And as we were in the area of Nusa Lembongang, where the hit rate is almost 90%, we decided to stop there. Of cause you also can do the trip with a big boat from Bali, but its more expensive and you´ll arrive at the divesite later in the morning. It´s also good to ask around in Nusa Lembongan. Some diveshops don´t go there everyday, because of the big waves. Some go out earlier some later. The Dive Concept go out a bit later, but the good thing was, that we arrived, when everybody else went home already.

Of course there are many divers at manta point, but seeing these animals up close was simply amazing. They come there for cleaning and swim really close. Watching them „flying“ through the water was worth the trip!

The diving is not easy at this dive site because of the current and the swell, you constantly have to equalize and know how to take the waves.

Crystal bay

Thats a beautiful dive site with a thermocline and therefore good visibility. We saw many fish, beautiful coral in the end and because of our guide a clown frog fish, scorpion fish, lots of different nudibranches and tiny crabs.

Diving in the north

Pura Mas Gading, SD, Mangrove

The next day we went to three dive sites in the north, staying on the boat the whole time. It was a great dive stay. All sites had middle strong current, but where good to dive. We saw nice, healthy coral, many fish plus two turtles and again a lot of new and crazy looking small things, our dive guide found (mantis shrimp, flatworms, stone fish, spider crab, quad lobster, Anna comodoris, etc.) Really nice drift dive.


  • Makrodives at the north divesites.
  • Mantapoint gets quite cold 24°C
  • Ask for Raymond at Dive Concept, he is crazy good! Tell them all the best from “Luge”
  • Stay in Tropical Homestay behind the diveshop (175000), good value


  • 5-dive package: 1.800.000 IDR/per Pax
  • 400.000 for fundive
  • 150.000 IDR extra for Manta Point (Fuel)
  • No reduction with own dive equipment


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