Larantuka – Kalabahi by public ferry

Traveling from Flores to Alor

We made the trip by boat and ferry. It´s not easy to get information about this trip, but it is possible for sure and there are different ways to do it.

Larantuka – Lewoleba

We heard that there is a daily fast boat from Larantuka, the most eastern city of Flores and Lewoleba in Lembata. We found out that it is true. It leaves around noon in the harbor of Larantuka. We came to Larantuka by public bus in the morning (bus from Maumere at 7.00/7.30 a.m.) and after arriving there, we asked people to address us in direction of the harbor and the fast boat to Lewoleba. That was unexpected easy. There is a small terminal where you can buy tickets for 100.000 IDR per person and then you wait and wait and wait, until the boat leaves. We arrived in Lewoleba at 2.30 p.m.

Lewoleba – Kalabahi

The tricky part was to find information about the journey from Lembata to Alor ,which we only got while being on Lembata, there was no information online!! Richard, the hotel manager of Hotel Rejeki helped us finding out the ferry times and days. The ferry does not go daily, only once a week! When we were in Lembata, July 2017, the ferry was going Wednesdays at 18.00h. And it was supposed to arrive in Alor at 10.00 a.m. the next morning.



The terminal is a 20 minutes ride outside of town, best to take an Ojek or car to get there. We chose the car, because we had too much luggage and paid 50.000 IDR. It is usual in Indonesia to be on the ferry early, so we went there 2 -3 hours before it left, to get a seat or a sleeping space. The ticket was 80.000 IDR, each. There are different classes, so if you want to sleep in the bunk bed area, you can pay an additional 50.000 IDR, to be paid on the boat directly when they walk around to check the tickets. We decided to sleep in the “common” area on steel benches, because there where simply too many cockroaches in the bed area. We wouldn´t mind one or two of those, but they were numberless! At least in the steel bench area there were not so many and we managed to sleep. Since there were not too many people on the boat we both could sleep on a four seat row, which made the night better. We brought our dinner to the ferry and also a few bottles of water, because there isn´t much you can buy on the ferry (only instant soup, copi and tea), but you can always buy food when the boat stops. That´s how we got breakfast in Baranusa – because the boat usually stops for at least an hour, sometimes up to three hours. On our way the ferry stops in a few other cities, which makes the night a little loud at times. All in all it was an exhausting night, but we had an ok trip and met some nice people. There were 3 foreigners on the boat, included us.

The arrived at noon in Lewoleba at the harbour, from there it´s a easy 10 min walk to the center of town, so no need to get an ojek…


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