Liveaboard Komodo

Let´s go for the current!

What does being on a dive boat mean? It means, you get to spend as much time in and on the water as possible, and that is simply amazing!

Diving in the Komodo National Park is awesome. Because there are some really strong currents, it is not so easy to dive this area, but for everyone who is a little advanced, we recommend the diving without hesitation. It is still one of the few places where you can see a mostly healthy, colorful and beautiful coral, plus a huge amount of fish!

How was the boat? Crew?

We went with Current Junkies, a ship, but not a dive shop and booked online. The “Busy Girl” is not luxury, for example everything is quite small. The toilets and showers are not the nicest but are working fine. What we liked about the boat is that not luxury, but diving stands above everything. And (!) the sound of the boat attracts dolphins, that´s why we saw them jumping in the front of the boat every other day J

The crew was very nice, the chef was cooking almost the whole day, because he cooked all meals for the crew and us fresh. Alexis, our dive guide and boss on the boat, is a very very experienced diver, with thousands of dives around the Komodo islands. He knows the currents and tides, the wind and the waves and of cause all about the dive sites. We never felt unsafe, even in the extremist dives with crazy current. And he found us the perfect dive spots at the right time. That meant changing the schedule a few time a day and therefore get to dive in spots where we were the only divers other than sharing it with 50 of them or jumping into the water half an hour before everyone.


How was living onboard?

The “Busy Girl” is a boat of about 14m. There are 3 crew members, the dive guide and 4 divers on board. Never more divers, because there simply isn´t more space J! For the current dives it´s really helpful to have a small group, because it’s a lot easier to keep everybody together. We were really lucky with the other two divers and had a good and easy time on board.

The day begins with the first light. After getting up around 5:30, we started the first dive with the sunrise around 6 am. That’s the time when all the divers from the big boats are still sleeping and you get out of the water most of the time, when it starts to get busy on the site. Some of the fish are also still asleep and all the fish are still in the shallow because there haven’t been divers yet. After the first dive we had a big breakfast and moved to the next dive site. Second dive was at 11 a.m. and the last dive around 3 p.m., after a nice lunch. At the end of the day we always anchored in a more or less quiet bay, to enjoy the last sun and the sunset.


How was the diving in Komodo?

We have done some dives in the past in very different places of the world, but we have never seen so much life in one place before! This is amazing! Even if you are diving a “not so special” dive site, the amount of nice corals and the constant fish carpet above, that is mind-blowing. In Komodo you can do both, easy dives to relax and more extreme dives in mid-strong and strong current. Since we were diving around full moon we had more current in general, plus we were diving with the “current junkies”, so we didn´t expect easy dives. In the end it was a good mixture between adventure current dives and easy relaxed dives. We both haven’t had a lot of current experience with currents so far. But we def. learned a lot about it during the week. In general a dive like that works like this: Because of the current you can´t stay at the surface so you go down immediately after jumping in and meet the other divers down in the current, that’s called negative entry. Down in the current you are hooking onto a rock to stay in one place. The interesting thing about being in the current is, that the fish love the current and the current brings plankton. So there´s a lot of things going on at this places: schools of small fish, and some bigger hunters. After de-hooking you either have a drift dive or enjoy the lee side of a dive site or hook at anew place. Anyway it´s a lot of fun!


Seeing the Komodo dragons

Of cause we did the stop at the Komodo National Park for seeing the dragons. So, it´s really nothing special, the dragons are hanging around the kitchen of the little village, waiting if there are some leftovers. In the woods and in the nature around the ranger station it´s rare and harder to spot them. A ranger will take you to a short walk around the woods. When we have been there it was meting session, so it was even harder, if not impossible to spot them somewhere else than in front of the kitchen. The dragons are huge! And lazy! They are very used to humans and ignore everybody. I think you have to do something really silly to get in trouble with them. So was impressing to see this huge reptiles, which are only existing on that island anymore, but also not the craziest thing we have ever done.

…and a little bit of exploring

We did some nice evening walks on the islands were we anchored. One of the sunset walks was on the — island, and is very nice. You see the islands around it and the sun going down behind a big volcano. Beautiful! Just make sure you get down before it gets complete dark, the path is not the best. Its best to not choose Flip flops, better go with proper shoes.


Our resumee

It was absolutely great and we recommend this to everyone! We thought about doing it for a long time, because it is not cheap, and it kind of was too much for our budget. But on the other hand if you are really into diving this is the place for it and also we are sure it´s much much better than going from Labuan Bajo every day. We always were the first group at the dive sites, because we went with Current Junkies! Thanks again, guys!


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