Maria la Gorda

Diving and relaxing at the western end of Cuba

Maria la Gorda is only one hotel and a beautiful beach. There is nothing else, no town or shops or anything. Since there are no buses to get here and it takes 3 hours by taxi from Vinales, not many people come here. It´s a quite and relaxing place. The hotel is nothing special, but the beach is great (besides the sandflys).

We came here by collective taxi from Vinales, we were four people and shared a Taxi for 30 CUC each. There is no bus anymore from Vinales, the Lonley Planet had old informations about that trip. We also directly made the deal for the taxi to pick us up 3 days later for 25 CUC. Because we heard that it is more expensive once you are in the hotel.

We booked the hotel via Cubanacan, because in Cuba booking hotels in advance and through a travel agency in cheaper then going there directly. It was 39 CUC/ person and night including breakfast and dinner buffet. Like most hotels in Cuba its orgaized in huts alongside the beach. The rooms are really basic, not nice and the food was not really good, but ok. We expected worse, so it was ok for us. We went there because of the diving – which almost everyone that comes here does. We spend most of our time at the beach or in the water…

There is a small shop in the Hotel which sells Rum 7 CUC, Beer 1,7 CUC, Water 1,7 CUC etc.


  • It´s the cheapest to book the taxi before you get there true someone in Vinales for example, or you have to find someone there to share a taxi
  • Watch the sandflys, be careful at sunset, bring repellent with a lot of deet, don´t sit in the sand after sunset…
  • It´s not worth to pay more for the seaview, because the houses in the second row are newly renovated and nicer anyways

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