Diving on the western point of Cuba

Maria la Gorda

Since almost everyone who comes here wants to dive, there are 3 big boats and many people diving at the same time. Divers are mainly easy people, so we had a good time meeting really nice divers from all over the world.

For us it was the best diving in Cuba: really nice swim throughs, many (!) schools of fish, a lot of fish in general, healthy and amazing corals, canyons and a really great visibility (30 to 40 meters)!


  • The diveshop is right next to the hotel, you have to pay at the hoteldesk
  • 3 Dives a day, 8:30 am, 11:30 and 15:00
  • Equipment is OK, a lot in use…
  • You have to pay for all the equipment separately, so as more u bring yourself as cheaper it gets (if u don’t ask you´ll get very bad finns, but they also have better ones


1st dive 35 CUC

3 dives 90 CUC

5 dives 135 CUC

full equipment is 14 CUC per day, gets less if u dive more days


We had our best dives here in Maria la Gorda. Crabs, lobster, moray eals, stingrays, turtle, nudibranches, a lot of schools of bigger or smaller fish. But like often in Cuba very nice Corals, a lot of different kinds and colors! There are some Wrecks around to dive around or inside.

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