Capitalism after Communism…

New York City

What´s to say about a city everyone knows and almost everyone has been before? The only thing we can do, is tell you about our experiences in the crazy, big city…..

First thing to say: We really enjoyed being in New York City. It´s a crazy city and it took us some getting used to, but in the end our wish to understand it won. There are so many things happening at the same time and so many people living in one place, it´s almost not possible to put it in words. That´s something we had to see for ourselves, because even tough we knew that, it felt different while actually being there. Therefore we recommend to everyone: Go there and see ot for yourself!


Our New York Highlights:

  • For the ultimate New York Feeling: Walk alongside Brooklyn Heights Park and over the Brooklyn Bridge and get lost in the streets of Manhattan Downtown
  • Seeing and enjoying as many concerts as possible! We saw Gigs for example in:
    • Cornelia Street Café
    • Fat Cat
    • Korzo
    • New York Jazz Gallery
    • Village Vanguard
  • Visit the two Parks: Central Park in Manhattan and Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Hang there for at least half a day. We enjoyed the northern part of Central Park and walking around the lake in Prospect Park, especially since it was cherry blossom while we where there.
  • Enjoy a coffee, lunch special, dinner or beer in one of the hip places in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
  • There are a few hip areas in NYC and the hippest at the moment is Buschwick. For some reason we enjoyed Park Slope very much, with its nice little cafes, thai food
  • Take the Staten Island Ferry there and back to Battery Park, to pass the Statue of Liberty (for free with a Subway ticket)
  • Take some time to see the Ground Zero Area. We liked the
  • Eat a proper American Burger in a typical American diner
  • Visit one of the thousands of museums. We went to the Whitney Museum and the Guggenheim Museum. You can therefore check out the websites, because in every museum there is a pay-less or free entrance day.

Tips for NYC:

  • Take your time! At least, that´s what we did. We decided to do one thing a day and then wandered around that area. Every part of the city is different and everywhere you come out of the Subway you see a new side of New York City.
    • For example after visiting the Whitney Museum, we walked the Manhattan High Line, saw the new Zaha Hadid building and saw the area of Chelsea.


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