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A day in Ende

Ende is the biggest town in Flores and a normal, not really touristy city. It has a busy and very interesting market, where we as blond and light skinned Europeans were an attraction. Everyone kept smiling at us and saying “Hello Mister” or “Hello Misses”! Sometimes they say Mister, but mean Misses or simply both of us, but clearly they want to say “Hi”….

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The gate to the Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo is the western point of Flores, one of the bigger southern islands of Indonesia. Next to it, in the west lies the famous Komodo National Park which is known as one of the world´s best diving spots. Once upon a time the village lived from fishing, but nowadays the main source for money is tourism. Since this place is mainly known for diving, every second house on main road is a dive shop. In between you´ll find restaurants, little shops and some hotels and homestays. Most hotels are a little outside of town at the hill, which is good, since the city center is neither beautiful nor nice. People, are not really nice, but used to tourists spending only one or two nights here and mainly want to make money. The view over the bay of Labuan Bajo over the sea and to the national Park is really beautiful though and invites for taking many, many pictures.

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Some thoughts…

Today exactly, we spent six weeks in Indonesia. Here some thoughts:

First of all: We still like the Indonesians and to be here. People are very friendly and help whenever they can. Of cause in some tourist centers there are people getting more and more into making business and forget to be nice, but in general they welcome you on every corner. Wherever we go, we are welcomed by a lot of “ Hello Mister”, “Hello Misses”, “How are you?”, “Where from?” and it of cause gets more like this as more east and as more remote you go. To be honest sometimes it really becomes a challenge not to show how annoyed you are, because after the 100. times in 30 minutes it really is hard to stay cool. But we always try to be nice and answer with a nice “Salamat Pagi/Sore/Malam” or “Baik Baik”, which sometimes leads to “conversations” where everybody tires out all his words in the other language. We asked people, who are living there for a while, why everybody is greeting you wherever you go. And they say, Indonesians are really just happy to use their English and to be nice. Which is true, that´s at least what we think about it. On the market in Ende, where not many tourists are walking around, we also got touched at the arms a couple of times from older woman. Either because they like our bright skin or to make sure, that we are real…?

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Let´s go for the current!

What does being on a dive boat mean? It means, you get to spend as much time in and on the water as possible, and that is simply amazing!

Diving in the Komodo National Park is awesome. Because there are some really strong currents, it is not so easy to dive this area, but for everyone who is a little advanced, we recommend the diving without hesitation. It is still one of the few places where you can see a mostly healthy, colorful and beautiful coral, plus a huge amount of fish!

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From Labuan Bajo to Ruteng

To see the mountains and especially the beautiful rice field areas, we decided to rent a motorbike and make a three days tour from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng. The 3,5 to 4 hours ride follows a good and winding road, but leads through mountains. So the ride was possible, but not the easiest we have done. But the good thing once you are out of town there is almost no traffic on the street and you can take it easy and enjoy the view.

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Kuta (Lombok)

We went from Gili Air to Kuta (Lombok). Therefore we took the public shuttle ferry that runs the whole day between 8.15 a.m. – 5 p.m., always when 40 people are on board.  It’s (12.000 IDR/pax) and takes you to Bangsal in 15 to 20 minutes. You can simply go to the harbor and buy a ticket there, they will tell you when the boat is leaving. We only waited 10 minutes because all the locals went home for Idul Fitri, the big celebration where all the family comes together at home. From there we took a taxi to Kuta, which cost 200.000 – 250.000 IDR (17€) that took us two hours. To get a taxi you have to pass all the taxi taxi dudes and walk to the end of the street that leaves the beach. They will try to sell you a horse car for this 5 – 10 minutes walk, so just walk.

Lombok is a green island, full of hills and the famous volcano Rinjani. In the south of the island there are beautiful sandy beaches and good surf spots. We came here on our way east and made Kuta (Lombok) our home-base.  From here we rented a motorbike and drove around.

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…about buying and repairing a laptop in Bali

Funny story, that didn’t begin funny at all: our laptop broke down, while we were in Kuta, Lombok and just decided to go to Flores on the land way, via Sumbawa. Really looking forward to that trip, we had to make a decision: either going to Bali and dealing with the laptop or going our way to Sumbawa. Work won, since there wasn’t anyway to go on without a computer. After realizing that the end of Ramadan means everything in Muslim hands is closed for a whole week, we decided to go to Bali, whicgmh is mostly Hindu. So, we booked the public ferry to Bali and tried our best in either repairing the Macbook or buying a new laptop…

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​Gili Air

Gili Air is one of the three small Gili islands in front of the north-west coast of Lombok. It is the closest one to Lombok and a layed-back and chilled place. You’ll find less party then on Gili Trawangan and more life than on Gili Meno. There is everything a person needs to relax, from good food to yoga classes, diving and massage, but no cultural sightseeing or nature on the island.

Since we were here before, about three years ago, we saw big changes on the island: many more restaurants, shops, hotels – everything got bigger and bigger. And those who already existed were somehow upgraded. It looked like the layed-back-chilling-care free-holidays-relaxing vibes even got stronger, or simply part of the islands marketing strategy… At the moment there are still many backpackers coming, but the tourists coming here are changing with the growth of standards.

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