Playa Ancón

Diving in Trinidad

The dive center is at the end of Playa Ancón, right across the Marina and the first dive starts at 9 o´clock. Since the first bus leaves Trinidad at 9.30 we always had to take a Taxi. But we found other divers or tourists with the same aim and shared the ride.

The dive equipment was old and we were – once again – happy to bring our own regulator. The BCDs of the shop were old but worked most of the times and some regulators of other divers leaked.

During our fist dive here there was a “bad” visibility – 10 to 15m – we saw a wreck and almost no fish (at all) and dove though some rock formations. The second dive was at another spot with much more and healthier coral. We were a smaller group of 6 divers, saw a big green moray eel, some crabs and a beautiful landscape.



  • at the end of Playa Ancón, across the Marina
  • Two dives a day, 1st dive starts at 9 o´clock (always very late..). Since the first bus leaves Trinidad at 9.30 we always had to take a Taxibut depending on the weather the vis on the 2nd might be quite bad
  • They don´t reduce prices if u dive with your own equipment
  • If you want to book a dive package you have to tell them before the first dive


In gerneal like at the most spots in Cuba not a lot of fish, crabs, lobster, moray eals.. But like often in Cuba very nice Corals, a lot of different kinds and colors!


1st dive 30

2 dives 54 CUC

Divepackeges Available

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