Rancho Luna

Relaxing at the beach close to Cienfuegos

A 20-30 minutes bus or car ride away from Cienfuegos lies the small village Rancho Luna. There isn´t much around, besides a beautiful beach. We went there to relax a few days and to check out the diving in this area.

We called a Casa Particulares before we arrived to ask if they have room for us, which wasn´t a problem. The Casa Larabi is a place we can really recommend. The owner and his family are the nicest people, very friendly and helpful. They spend part of the money, which they earn from the guests, for the local hospital, because he is an retired doctor. He speaks really good English and has a beautiful (all pink and purple) house with two terraces – one in the front of the house and one in the back. Different plants grow everywhere and create natural shadowy hang outs to chill and eat. There is also a beautiful garden and they make their own goat cheese! The rooms are big and clean. We felt welcome and at home there!

We paid 30 CUC/ night, had breakfast for 5 CUC and vegetarian dinner for 7 CUC. Dinner with meat is between 10-15 CUC, depending on the meat. The food was amazing!!! We could have stayed there and just got fat, because it was not only good, but also a lot: tons of food (when we thought that we would never be able to eat all of the food, they still kept bringing more). We really recommend this place!

Rancho Luna itself consists only of a few houses, two big hotels and the beach. It looks like it was a nice holiday place, once upon a time – and therefore looks like many things in Cuba (there still is most of the old resort buildings banned just some meters off the beach). There are a few bars and restaurants at the beach and some sun umbrellas, which everyone can use for free. The beach is a natural sand beach. That means the beach is not “clean” in the sense of it has seaweed everywhere. We liked it, because it wasn´t all cleaned up and shiny, simply normal… It´s a beautiful place to relax!

The sea and the diving shop are in a 5 minutes walking distance. The biggest hotel at the end of the beach provides internet access. That means they have one old computer with internet connection (for the whole village – no WIFI), in the lobby.


  • Casa Larabi is a very nice Casa, with great breakfast and dinner and homemade goatcheese!
  • Bring beer, water etc., there are no shops in Rancho Luna.

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