Rancho Luna

Diving close to Cienfuegos

Entering the diving shop we where a little disappointed: there was only a Spanish speaking guy that told us we have to pay 35 CUC/dive no matter what equipment we bring ourselves (That´s the same in all of Cuba. But it sometimes still makes sense to bring your own stuff, because not everywhere they have good equipment. But we are happy to bring our own masks and regulators).

During the dive, we saw really nice and beautiful coral but not many fish! It was an easy going dive and we also dove around and in a wreck. It just feels a bit like diving in a emptied aquarium.


  • The diveshop is behind the hotel Faro Luna
  • 2 Dives a day, 8:30 am and 11:30 but depending on the wind situation the vis at the 2nd is already too bad, so sometimes they don’t go out for the 2nd.
  • Equipment is in a good condition
  • They don´t reduce prices if u dive with your own equipment


1st dive 30 CUC

2 dives 50 CUC, so the prices go down quite a lot, when u do more dives…


In gerneal like at the most spots in Cuba not a lot of fish, crabs, lobster, moray eals.. But like often in Cuba very nice Corals, a lot of different kinds and colors!

There are some Wrecks around to dive around or inside!

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