Swimming with a Dugong

Du… What?

In our one diving free day, we made a half day trip to see a Dugong. We heard about this already on the ferry where the other tourists asked us if we will go to see the dugong. Papa Oneh is a fisherman living in Kalabahi, close to the airport. One of his friends is a male big real swimming Dugong! When you arrive at his place you either have to drive yourself or get an Ojek around the airport to get to the beach and his boat. From the beach – just a 5 minutes boat ride – Papa Oneh starts calling the Dugong and after a couple of minutes he shows up!!!!

It really looked like these two know each other and communicate in a very special way. Once Papa Oneh checked and confirmed the conditions and the Dugongs mood of the day, he allows you to get into the water to snorkel with the sea cow. It is a very, very special experience, because the Dugong is not scared or surprised at all, it is very curious and happy to meet some humans in the water. The more you look into his big eyes, the more you attract his attention and he wants to play with you – which means he looks for body contact and action! He is very friendly and it’s very cool to watch him swimming around. The only problem is that he wants to play with you like you were another Dugong… That creates a mix of scary fascination! And our new favorite animal is definitely the Dugong!!!

If you want to do it contact mister Dugong Papa Oneh: 0062 81236978212

It’s very expensive but as soon as you find people to share the experience it’s a good value. We recommend to not be more than 4 or 5 people on the boat. Papa Oneh charges 1.000.000 IDR for the boat, no matter how many people. You can go there by motorbike or car from Kalabahi, in 30 min. If you stay at Le petit Kepa, Anne will help you to arrange everything!

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