VISA extension in Flores

Yes, it´s possible!

We almost didn´t find any information online about it, which either comes from being really simple or from being pretty new. It´s actually really easy to do the Visa extension in Labuan Bajo! The two ladies at the Kantor Imigrasi speak English, are friendly and explain everything.

What you need to know?

It takes three days to extent your Visa for another 30 days here – that is, if you have the Visa that is extendable. Therefore you have to have paid 35 US Dollar, when entering Indonesia the first time and got the Visa which is extendable for another 30 days.

  • You have to dress properly:
    • Men: Long trousers, proper shoes – absolutely no Flip-Flops, and a shirt that covers your shoulders.
    • Women: Also long shirt or trousers (especially covering the knees) and proper shoes, plus covering the shoulders – and do big insights!
  • You can find the Kantor Imigrasi behind the airport – if you come from the village. We had a motorbike and easily drove there, but you can also go by taxi. It´s a little too far for walking from town.
  • They speak English there and are really friendly! Do the same! We saw tourists behaving really bad!
  • Go in the morning, otherwise it can take really long.
  • Opening hours: 8 – 12.00 a.m. and 14.30 – 16.30 p.m.


What you need to bring?

  • A black-ink pen
  • A copy of three things:
    • Passport
    • The visa in the passport – which you got on your arrival
    • The outbound flight (!) ticket
  • 355.000 IDR


That´s how it works:

You go there and either go directly to the counter to your left, when entering or wait on their chairs until it´s your turn. You have to give them your copies and you´ll get two forms to fill, while they prepare your apply. Therefore you need the black-ink pen. After that you get a receipt (don´t lose it, you have to bring it back) and can come back two days later, in the morning. Two days later, they take your picture ask a few questions about why you´re in Labuan Bajo and what you want to do here. After that you pay the 355.000 IDR at another counter and get a new receipt. This time they keep your passport to extent the Visa. In the afternoon of the same day (they´ll tell you the time), you can collect the passport and stay for another 30 days 😉 That´s it! Compared to what we heard about Bali, super easy and really no problem!


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